Friday, September 11, 2009

Reflections on the new center by Alex Bizeau

As we build up our temple, one brick at a time, I jump inside with joy to see the fruits of our karma.

And yet, I remind myself, that our true Sangha exists in our heart/mind only.

Only there is it infinite and eternal, its doors forever open to see and feel dharma.

And yet, despite the apparent frailty of this material world, I thank God I am dreaming...

May we come together and dream the sangha of our heart/mind into existence.

May we come together to perceive generation, organization, and destruction, through the peace of the Buddha's teaching.

May we come together, and accept the blessing all awakened ones, existing perpetually within us.

One brick at a time, let us rebuild our temple, a home for all those who seek refuge.

Karma Gyeltsen Dorje