Friday, August 28, 2009

Bruce Sargent and family at Buckhorn Springs Retreat Center and the trees he harvested for KSC's new center

Bruce harvested wood from Buckhorn Springs & aged it for 18 months

George McKinley's wood shop

George McKinley sitting at his sawmill milling Bruce Sargents Lumber

George is responsible for ordering all the lumber for this project which is certifed FSC sustainable wood.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Update Week of August 24,09

1, Steel work on the ceiling of the sanctuary level has begun.

2. Jake Walsh, a volunteer from KSC Northern Sangha, has erected the entry posts and beams for the lower entry - other carpenters have erected the posts and beams for the sanctuary level deck

3. Tubing for infloor radiant heat on main and lower levels was installed

4. Carpenters continue framing the downstairs area.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Clay Colley's reflections on KSC's new center

The first time I walked onto the steel-panned floor of the sanctuary, just prior to the concrete pour and looked through a window opening into the wetlands below, my heart was filled with love for our little sangha and our wonderful lamas who show such diligence, patience and skillful effort to bring to our community and all beings such a center of good intention. I truly could feel the culmination of all our thoughts to bring peace to our lives, and radiate that feeling through this building by becoming the graceful stewards of this wonderful space that we are creating. It is easy to sense that many hearts have opened and are flowing towards towards the energy that is being generated here. We are all smiling, inside and out...come feel it here!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Susan Bizeau's reflections on KSC's new center

I look forward to the completion of our new Center for many reasons, but most of all for the visibility and accessibility it will offer our exceptional teachers, Lama Yeshe and Lama Pema. Our teachers have a way of making the Buddhist teachings easily understood by all ages and people from all walks of life. Without watering down the essence of the Buddha's message, their teachings are suitable and helpful for anyone. I am a better person and a happier person for having practiced with them. The friends I have made through Kaghu Sukha Choling are very precious to me. Susan Bizeau

Anne Stine's reflections on KSC's new center

I go now nearly daily to watch the New Center grow. I recall when it was just a remote fantasy, a prayer in the hearts of many seeking a new home for KSC and our growing community. Now we can truly see how intention accompanied by wisdom and skillful action can manifest. Soon we will be meeting together in this beautiful home for the dharma, listening to teachings, coming together for mediation practice, building hearts and minds that can truly be of service in this world at this time. I hope that many will visit the site here in Ashland as often as possible and be part of bringing this center to its full completion. Anne Stine

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Week of 8/10/09 Update

1) Lower level (retail) : Floor was insulated prior to steel placement and pouring of concrete on the floor.

2) The main water meters were hooked up to the building, other utilities will be hooked up this week which means the sewer lines will be tied into the building.

3) Clay Colley is going to pick up beams and posts from Bruce Sargent to be milled by George McKinley who has been working diligently to purchase FSC certified sustainable wood for the building. This is an integral part of our green building effort. These beams and posts will be used to for one of the porches that will be constructed in the next two or three weeks.

4) Interior wall framing will begin shortly in the lower level (retail space).

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Week of 8/3/09


1) Thursday concrete is being poured into the (foam block) walls of the sanctuary.
2) Installation of the piping for the in-floor heating system will begin next week prior to concrete slabs being poured.
3) Concrete slabs are being poured on the floor of the lower level and the sanctuary level soon.
4) Exterior drain has been completed that draws the rain water and surface water away from the understructure of the
building so that no water can enter the building via seepage.
5) Bruce Sargent has cut trees from his Buckhorn Springs land to be used on the buildings exterior porches. He is now
preparing for the final milling of the wood.