Friday, November 19, 2010

Several Perspective of the Temple Today

Downstairs back door, above.
Part of the downstairs is rented out to an accountant.

Notice the planters that go from the downstairs section to the upstairs main floor.
Looking at the back from slightly afar
This side door, above, goes to the downstairs section where there is a library,
a business office and a room for consultations.
Looking at the upstairs front door. The Stupa is on the left.
Notice the full moon disks on the building.

Rain Garden and Stupa Changes

Jim Olson recently completed the installation of the Stupa.
It is on the left as you look at the temple.
The rain catcher is to the right on the outside.

Rain collects off the roof and drips down the chain of copper bells.
It fills the giant "bowl" and passes through onto the rocks below.
From there it flows to the neighboring wetlands.

Moon Disks

Sangha member and local artist Marie Maretska has completed two more rows of traditional decoration for KSC. The first was mounted last May--the full moon disks made of enamel on copper. The second set was recently applied to the building. They are called Ga-Kyil, which is the Tibetan word for Wheel of Joy. They encompass the joy of recognizing the interdependent and spacious nature of the mind and of all things.

Monday, November 8, 2010

LAURIE SAGER Designed the New Landscaping

Laurie Sager researched hundreds of new plants for the center.

The plants she recommended went in on Sat. November 6
thanks to a large volunteer work crew.

Lama Pema, above, usually oversees and administers
work to build and improve the center.


The average age of Sangha members is decreasing as more and more
children join teachings and work projects.
Here they are helping with the Nov. 6
workday to plant trees and plants.

Above are Sebastian's tools for helping his
mother Mariana Stowarssser, below.

Above and below are Jeff Vongruden
and his children Max and Abbey

Ronnie, Sue and Roland Skretschmann

New plants along the side of the temple.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


It was hard work shoveling and raking and sweeping and digging to bring the landscape to lush life. Some of the helpers were Nathalie Prettyman, Joanie Keller, Nancy Morgan (Norbu), Sandra Wetzel, Shirley Lawyer-Hillman, Edeltraud Muroki, Jake Myers, Valerie Muroki, David Kennedy, Toni Angel, Preston Chase, and Phyliss Douglas. Many of the volunteers weren't part of the KSC sangha before this temple was built. Our community has grown rapidly with so many new faces and helping hands.
Other helpers were Clay Colley, Dwight Van Reeth, Kathleen Meagher,
and Joannie Keller-Hand

Strawberry Tree, above

Sandra David on right.
Devon Ward-Thommes is wearing the white hat.
Often the view was of backsides as folks bent and dug.


Saturday November 6 was overcast. It didn't stop over 35 people
from rolling up their sleeves and digging into the dirt to plant trees.

Jim Olson, above, placed the tiles beneath him.
Here he is working in front of the temple to make a post to hold a stupa.

Laurie., on the left, is the landscape designer.

At the end of the day, above, the fig tree looks hardy.

This tree is planted in front of the downstairs part of the building