Sunday, November 7, 2010


It was hard work shoveling and raking and sweeping and digging to bring the landscape to lush life. Some of the helpers were Nathalie Prettyman, Joanie Keller, Nancy Morgan (Norbu), Sandra Wetzel, Shirley Lawyer-Hillman, Edeltraud Muroki, Jake Myers, Valerie Muroki, David Kennedy, Toni Angel, Preston Chase, and Phyliss Douglas. Many of the volunteers weren't part of the KSC sangha before this temple was built. Our community has grown rapidly with so many new faces and helping hands.
Other helpers were Clay Colley, Dwight Van Reeth, Kathleen Meagher,
and Joannie Keller-Hand

Strawberry Tree, above

Sandra David on right.
Devon Ward-Thommes is wearing the white hat.
Often the view was of backsides as folks bent and dug.