Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Letter to Volunteers from Clay

Dearest Volunteers,

When we signed up to help out at the center we could have never known what that would have looked like, exactly, until it all happened, and look at us now!!!!!! The center is changing daily right before our eyes with the most amazing efforts from the paid workers and all of our volunteers!

Many thanks go to our four carpenters who have also made contributions by helping in so many ways, who are now working full time with their carpentry skills making our center solid and beautiful. Also, Bruce and Sat have put major effort into our project these last few weeks, helping immensely. So many sangha volunteers have contributed so much for many, many weeks, turning out in mass! Congratulations to everyone for doing such a beautiful job oiling all of the finish lumber, and completing so many other major tasks. We have got everyone working again and have made many people very happy handling every board many times and making the center even more personal.

Now our efforts will move back to some wall painting of the stairs and hallways, kitchen, closets, etc. We will be cleaning all of the glass on the window panes and filling nail holes created by installation of all the finish trim. I am not available until Friday, but my on-going "to do" list is posted on the back of the entry door.
Many are simple tasks, materials and tools are easy to find. Ask a carpenter about the list and they can get you started.

This weekend there will be plenty to do painting and cleaning so come at 9 a.m. on Saturday and we will keep the energy flowing.

Thank you so much for your well intended efforts helping ourselves to strengthen the dharma for the benefit of all beings for all time! It feels like we are all learning so much through our practices in and out of the center, on and off of the cushion!