Thursday, April 15, 2010

Letter from Clay Colley, Volunteer Coordinator

Hello Interconnected Friends,

Today was a great day at the new center. The weather was accommodating for the stucco plasterers to finish all of their work and remove ALL scaffold from the building site !! They have cleaned up the decks and removed all equipment to their next job. What a remarkable difference in appearance and colors on the building.

The block masons have created the outline for planters in the front and a volunteer stone mason is laying flagstone outside of the lower entry on the wetlands side.

Next week will bring about more exterior changes on the elevation of the ground on the main entry and parking lot in preparation for paving. The entire downstairs walls and woodwork may be completely painted out and the two upstairs showers will be finished for our Lamas and visiting teachers.

This weekend will be our chance to clean all inside and outside windows, sand and paint all risers and skirts of both stairwells, touch up a little oiling of woodwork, paint some trim work downstairs and do an extensive cleaning on the interior and exterior. Generally speaking, just stand around in awe of this dream!

Hope to see you at 9:00. Please bring an extra broom, dust-pan and newspaper to clean windows.

Blessings to you all well-intentioned dreamers.