Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saving the Planet

In order to heat the building there are separate hydraulic heating systems within each floor. As demand for heat becomes known the instant hot water system can immediately send the warm water to the correct floor. In the floors there is plastic tubing every eight inches for the warm water.

The cooling is done by natural convection air. This is facilitated by large ducts that are 8 ft. by 2 ft. These pull air from the cool ground level of the first floor. It is pulled naturally through the ducts towards the attic. It mixes with the air already in the building and recirculates. On the main floor the ceiling is made from imported German beech wood, which meets the standards for European green wood. The beech slats are a half inch apart. The air can circulate through the slats, helping to cool the air.

There is also a fan in the attic to blow out hot air that rises.