Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sandra's poem about the building process

Walking Through Walls

I arrive at the temple site
Stunned to see
All the wall studs are up!
Vast arrays of vertical wood,
Lined up, dried out, bared
A small forest!

I can walk through these walls
Like the pine groves up the mountain,
Where trees grow in free space
No rooms claimed for use.

As I slip between
Intended library, privy, offices and hall
A rush of power
Opens me to other ways of seeing-

Between things.

When I come to sit,
After the Center is finished,
May I still envision
This unobstructed space -
Slip into other places
Between things -

See clear through.

By Sandra Pastorius
March, 2010

On the building
of Kagyu Sukha Choling,
Tibetan Meditation Center
Ashland, OR