Saturday, June 4, 2011

NEW Additions at the KSC Temple

Ceiling light in Lobby

Kangling (Tibetan: རྐང་གླིང།; Wylie: rkang-gling) is the Tibetan word for a trumpet or horn made out of a thighbone. (It may also be made out of wood or metal.)

The dungchen (Tibetan: དུང་ཆེན།dung chen) is a long trumpet or horn used in Tibetan Buddhist ceremonies. It is the most widely used instrument in Tibetan Buddhist culture. It is often played in pairs or multiples, and the sound is compared to the singing of elephants.

The silnyen is a Tibetan percussion instrument in the form of a cymbal with a small or no central boss. The silnyen is struck by horizontal movement and is used in Buddhist rites.

The rolmo is a horizontal ritual cymbal used by Tibetan monks in Buddhist rites.[1] It has a broad central boss and is struck vertically, in contrast to the Silnyen.

New wall decoration in the lobby