Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lama's and volunteers oil the new windows and doors at the center

Clay Colley's letter requesting volunteers for this workday

Dearest friends,
Isn't it always amazing that our Sat. get-togethers really do seem like a mini-party!!

Well let's do another one this Sat. at the usual time, 9:00 A.M. I'm hoping for decent weather so we can coat the remaining rafters on the front porches but if its too wet or cold we can work in the lower level where it is warm and apply Pro-fin oil to the window sashes and frames. Either way, I am planning on a full day of work and buying or bringing a lunch because we are now at a point where we can really be effective as painters for a time and save the Sangha some real $$ by doing this work as a team effort.

We are fortunate again this week to have Yeshe and or Pema attend our party . Also, our designer and very effective as a painter, Michaeldavid is also coming to help. I know we all have been seeing the effect we have as a work force and constantly amaze ourselves that we can so cheerfully accomplish so much with such an open heart. Now we will start to enter the finishing phases of our beautiful center and see the fruition of all we have been visualizing as a Sangha. What an incredible honor to be a part of this group of lovely people, thank you so much for your hard work.

Pardon me if you have suddenly become a part of my newly constructed e-mail list, but if you can think of someone else who would like to be on my list, please contact me.

Many blessings

If you have your favorite cut-in brush, please bring it !!