Saturday, June 5, 2010

Last Night's Magic

Members and guests arrived at the opening debut of our KSC Meditation Center through a pair of distinguished exterior doors (installed only hours before) into a large and welcoming foyer.

At the far end another pair of hand carved doors beckoned one into the Shrine Room filled with extraordinary beauty – altars, Tangkas, carpets, thrones and the fragrance of an abundance of springtime flowers.

The expansion of windows invited the evening stillness as wetland songbirds settled into their nests.

It was easy to fall into the sacredness of these amazing surroundings!

And then we heard the pair of conch shells announcing the arrival of our beloved Lama Lodru Rinpoche with Lamas Pema and Yeshe.

Their stepping through the front entrance marked the beginning of their long held dream for our Center.

It was clear each of them was deeply touched as they entered the reality of the Shrine Room totally filled with loving faces!

Lama Lodru commended our Sangha for creating a home for the future life of goodness and happiness!

He reminded us that it took many people – some sharing material support and others physical labor - to complete our shared dream!