Tuesday, June 15, 2010


KSC has saved approximately $200,000 with donated labor and materials as well as through the work of many volunteers.
Stone mason Jim Olsen appeared just as we had decided not to have flagstone porches because we couldn't afford them. He is donating much of his labor to make these a reality. (see photo above)
The craftsman who worked on the inner shrine room doors, Dougal Haines, also donated his labor (which would have run about $10,000.)
Board member Clay Colley has been at the site every day for months, working on the building, as well as organizing and training volunteers.
Carpenter Jake Walsh, a member of the northern sangha, donated a week of his time to work on one of the entry porches.
Dozens of KSC volunteers hand-oiled and rubbed all moldings and doors, scrubbed floors, washed windows, swept, raked, baked cookies, recycled and did dump runs. People (not just Buddhists) just kept walking up to the building and asking, What can I do to help?"

Now Lama Pema says, "So many of you have given time, energy and money. Now, it's your building."